How to make home lighting for events and guests more inviting

5 Lighting Tips to Make Your Restaurants Look More Appealing

Strategic lighting in your restaurant can create a good mood for eating. Most customers claim that lighting helps in increasing their appetite. Some restaurants use fixtures that create warm, soft lighting to boast the colors of their important ingredients. Some even use dim effects to bring out the reds which enhances desire for food. In a more romantic situation, half-light from lamps brings diners to a different dining experience.

When it comes to choosing the right lighting fixtures for your restaurant, you might be confused because you have literally thousands of choices. However, there are some tricks to choosing the best type of lighting design and solutions for different areas and applications. Here’s a few tips to help you choose ideal lighting:

1. Barn lights for restaurants make a big difference

Barn lights offer a powerful effect on an exterior and interior of the building. This is true when it comes to restaurants. These can help set the restaurant’s mood and ambiance you need according to your theme and type of the meals you serve.

2. Using LED lighting in your restaurant

Many restaurant operators these days are turning to LED lighting, which offers a variety of fixtures to set the perfect ambiance (and save you some money in the process).

LED now offers direct replacement lamps for many of the fixtures you already have in your facility. From small to large, LED lighting has a wide variety of styles, color temperatures and wattage available for your lighting solutions. Plus, unlike CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) many LED lights can be dimmed so you can set the exact right tone during different times of the day. Nothing is worse than replacing everything in the house with CFLs to save money and realizing that you’re formerly romantic spot is now as bright as a park at noon!

3. Using skylight in your restaurant

Before finalizing the lighting designs, one should keep in mind about the height of the ceiling, color of the walls, furniture, placements of tables, entrance, hallways, floor tiling, carpet, and all other aspects of decor that can add to the collective light design. For instance, one can use skylight to his utmost benefit. Being the most refreshing, skylight can be combined with reflected or bounced light to create a multidimensional hue. One can also use low accent lighting at the entrance to accentuate the interiors. This creates a mystical appeal of entering a place that holds something magical. A smoky mysterious glow radiates that holds forth the appeal of unanticipated gladness and delights. One can also opt for overhead lower-level lights and dimmers to allow a controlled level of lighting in the tables of the restaurant.

4. Setting your light differently from morning until midnight

For a restaurant that operates from morning until midnight, lighting should be set differently. Depending on what type of restaurant business you have, the lighting effects should be customized. For any normal restaurants, during breakfast the lights should be bright, at noon it should be moderate, and at night it could be dim lighted or intense.

5. How you control the lights

You now have options for motion detection, scheduling and automation when it comes to lights, so you can better control your costs. You’ll also want to consider the convenience of how they are turned on and off and where any switches or controls are placed. Always think of safety first when placing your light switches and panels. Proper restaurant lighting can work in mysterious ways upon the senses of customers and promote certain desires. While planning the lighting schemes some important aspects like architecture, kind of cuisine served, furnishing appearance, specific interior design, and so on need to be considered. Light is very imperative to the taste buds. Poor light gives an idea that the food is not good enough. The aim of every successful restaurant entrepreneurs is to keep the customers wanting for more. Perfect restaurant lighting plays a crucial role in this.