Lighting tips to make any room seem bigger

6 Lighting Tips That Will Make Any Room Seem Bigger

Want to make your small room look bigger and feel more spacious? You are at the right place for advice on design and lighting solutions.

You can’t stretch the dimensions of your room to make it grow, but you can definitely make it look bigger. Everything our eyes see comes from the reflection of light. Therefore, the right lighting methods can make us perceive things that are not necessarily the way they look. If used well, it can actually make your room look bigger, cleaner, and more spacious.

Here are six master tips that will make your room look bigger:

1. The position of lamps

The position of lighting objects like lamps plays a very important role in building your room’s structure. Placing lamps at the right position not only enhances the space and the lighting features but also showcases your brilliance in room architecture. Placing vertical floor lamps or small table lamps at the corners of the room provides a very soothing effect and improves the available space of the room. Corners can be the best position for these light-emitting structures, as light is reflected by two adjacent walls in the corner, drawing a person’s eyes across the room. Better lighting and better reflection can give the impression of added space.

2. Use of natural light

Natural bright light can save a lot of space and provide great reflection. The more you can see, the more space you will feel. Try to have big windows in your room that have access to natural light. This not only provides a fresh atmosphere for your room but also makes your room look more open and welcoming. Proper natural lighting will also reduce the burden of artificial lighting. Just remember that the brighter it shines, the more spacious it looks.

3. Use of mirrors

Mirrors can do wonders for your room. Highly reflective mirrors placed at the right place can significantly make your room look bigger and brighter. Mirrors have that special property of scattering light, which can be used with your natural or artificial lighting to make your room look bigger. Position your mirrors adjacent to your lighting fixtures to properly utilize their purpose. The more focused light that is scattered, the more spacious your room will look.

4. Use of wall lamps

Try to add more wall lighting designs and solutions to your room. Wall lighting reduces the need for floor lamps, which increases the available area in your room. Wall lamps also scatter more light, as the focus of light tends toward the space of the room instead of the ceiling or the floor. Using designer wall lamps also improves the architectural design of the room.

5. Wall coloring and curtains

Proper color contrasts and matching curtains can be of great help in a small room. White and blue colors and their combinations produce a soothing effect to our eyes and provide proper brightness to make a small room look bigger. Matching lighting designs and solutions with these colors can really improve the way your room looks. Make the best use of wall colors and lighting to give your room a well-furnished and spacious feeling. Textured walls can also improve the look of your room. They are the latest trend in providing additional surfaces for scattering color and light to make a room look more spacious.

6. Visible floors

Visible floors are an attractive feature of a small room. Utilize natural and artificial lighting schemes to make your exposed floor more visible. The visible floor creates the impression that there is more floor in the room and makes your room look bigger. Light-colored flooring also adds to the visibility of the floor.

These are the best lighting solutions and designs that can either save space in your room or give your room the illusion of having more space. Lighting plays such an important role in the way we sense things that proper use of lighting and its corresponding features can really make any room seem bigger.