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The Smart Lighting Solutions We’ll See in the Next 5 Years

Smart technology is taking over faster than you might think. Experts estimate that there will be more than 34 billion connected devices in 2020. And that’s not just smartphones — we’ll see innovations like smart lighting solutions, too.

If you’ve ever been in a LEED certified building, you might have already experienced smart lighting without even realizing it. Smart lighting aims to be energy efficient and design new ways for humans to experience light.

With how fast our society is moving, we might all be using this new technology sooner than we think. Here are four of the smart lighting solutions we think that we’ll see in the next five years.

1. Smart Glass

It can be hard to find the right balance of natural and artificial light in a room, especially if you don’t have a lot of windows. Luckily, there’s technology that will do it for you.

Experts are working on “smart glass,” which monitors how much heat and light is coming into a room. Based on that, it can increase or decrease how much natural light is allowed in.

This also helps to keep buildings cooler, which means you can both save on energy costs and have great lighting.

2. Human-Centric Lighting

If you’ve ever been woken up by the sun streaming into your bedroom, you know that humans react to light in different ways. Whether we realize it or not, light can affect the way we feel and think.

Human-centric lighting would adjust based on the occupants of a room. A school or an office might want to install lighting that would help people focus better or be more productive.

A hospital, on the other hand, would get lighting that promotes soothing feelings. The lighting could also fluctuate just enough throughout the day to get the best results.

3. Home Automation

We might not be too far away from the automated houses that filmmakers imagined years ago. As technology keeps progressing, we can definitely expect to see technology like Amazon’s Alexa integrated in people’s homes.

As we keep digitizing everything in our lives, the lighting in people’s houses will have to keep up. We think we’ll see smart lighting solutions that are interconnected with the smart devices people already have.

4. High-Tech Sensors

On the commercial side of things, companies could save money by installing smart lighting that comes with advanced sensors.

Smart lighting sensors could monitor things like the number of people and amount of activity in certain rooms, changing the lighting accordingly. For building managers, this could also be a huge boost for security.

Other sensors will track aspects like humidity or pollutants if you want your building to be super environmentally conscious.

Learn The Latest Smart Lighting Solutions

We might not have all of these solutions mentioned above yet, but that there are still lots smart lighting methods that you can try. If you’re interested in creating a new lighting strategy for your home or business, get in touch with us.

CBMC Lighting Solutions has helped dozens of businesses, schools, homeowners and more create a lighting strategy that caters to their needs. Contact us to see what we can do for you today.

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5 Reasons to use Interior LED Lighting For Your Business

When comparing LED lightbulbs to standard light bulbs, LED bulbs are capable of 50,000 hours of illumination as compared to 2000.

Opting for LED lighting as opposed to traditional offers a simple lifestyle change with countless benefits to both the planet and your wallet. While being green was once viewed as a lifestyle preached by “tree huggers” it is now considered a way of life.

Not only should businesses consider transitioning to LED light bulbs to reduce their carbon footprint, but also to reduce their monthly costs.

The following are five benefits of using interior LED lighting in your business

1. Interior LED Lights Last Longer

Interior LED lighting has proven to outlast traditional light bulbs by greater than 40,000 hours.

While traditional lightbulbs eventually burn out, LED lights instead “fade away”. This allows the bulb to continue illuminating up to 70% of the full capacity.

Imagine the time and money businesses can to save in reducing the frequency of having to change bulbs. This is especially relevant to businesses operating warehouses in which changing the lighting is a long and complex procedure.

2. LED Lights Consume Less Energy

Did you know that traditional lightbulbs waste up to 90% of their energy on generating heat? This leaves only 10% of the energy for the most important function of the bulb — light!

LED bulbs utilize 80% of their energy generating light and only 20% is directed toward the creation of heat. The result?

LED lighting uses much less energy in illuminating your interior and, for the sake of your bank account, this means more affordable electrical bills.

3. LED Lights Reduce Carbon Emissions

LED bulbs reduced 570 million tons of carbon emissions in 2017. This reduction is equal to shutting down 162 coal-fired power plants throughout the world.

What does this mean for the earth’s carbon footprint?

This helped to reduce our global carbon footprint by as much as 1.5%!

For such a small transition, these numbers make it clear that LED lighting serves a massive benefit to the environment.

4. LED Lights Improve Illumination

Proper illumination is vital to the success of a business.

Bright and property positioned lighting can be the difference between a customer purchasing or leaving empty-handed.

Let’s consider an automotive dealership, for example. Proper lighting helps to ensure the cars are being presented in the most appealing way possible.

LED bulbs help to spread light wider allowing for a more distributed illumination.

5. LED Lights Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

While traditional lightbulbs contain hazardous materials, LED light bulbs are free of toxic chemicals.

The longevity of LED lighting also means that longer-lasting lightbulbs help reduce production.

One more gift to the environment? Compared to traditional light bulbs requiring disposal in specialized locations, LED light bulbs are 100% recyclable.

Time to Make the Switch!

Whether you’re opting to make the transition to interior LED lighting for your automotive dealership or decreasing your carbon footprint, the benefits of LED lighting are plenty.

Contact us today to see how LED lights could be the right fit your business, your wallet, and your carbon footprint.

Because let’s face it, LED lighting is always a bright idea.

How to Save Energy

How to Save Energy in Your Commercial Building

Does your heart skip a beat when you see your energy bill in the mail? Is it really that time again already?

As you write out yet another big check you wonder if you could lower these costs. A big part of your overhead goes into this check right here.

What if we told you that yes, you can! Read on for some informative tips about how to save energy in your commercial building.

Efficient Lighting

About 11% of energy use in your commercial building goes to lighting. It also is very easy to save energy when it comes to lighting.

Here are a few options:

  • Replace incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs
  • Install new, more energy-efficient fixtures
  • Turn lights off when not in use
  • Add motion detectors to your lights to automate them
  • Use natural sunlight where possible

Try a few of these ideas. It might surprise you how much energy a few lights can eat up.

Program the Thermostats

Space heating alone accounts for about 25% of the energy a commercial building uses. If you could cut energy use in this area you could shave a lot off your bill.

One of the best ways of doing this is by programming your thermostats effectively. Set them to a lower temperature at night or whenever the building is not in use.

A good schedule to follow is to start heating up about 30 minutes before people arrive. In the evening you can let it start cooling down 30 minutes to an hour before people leave.

Maintain Heating and Cooling Equipment

Heating and cooling equipment should be maintained regularly. Be sure to have a schedule for changing the air filters frequently. Also, make sure that the vents are always clear.

Dirty air filters and blocked vents cause the equipment to work harder. Thus, they burn more energy unnecessarily.

Buy Energy Efficient Office Equipment

Energy efficient office equipment can have a huge effect on your energy bill. Some products can use as much as 75% less energy! Not all changes will have such a dramatic effect but it’s a significant area where you can save.

We realize that buying equipment is costly and may not be in your budget. But, equipment will eventually break or need to be upgraded anyway. Put a plan in place to buy energy efficient equipment when the time comes.

Alternative Sources

Look into alternative sources of energy. Solar or wind power may be options for your building and are often less expensive. You can feel good about doing your part for the environment while saving money.

Learn How to Save Energy

Be smart and learn how to save energy the easy way. These are only some of the great ideas out there for saving energy in your building.

It may not be feasible for you to try out each of these tips right away. But put a plan in place to put energy savings practice into effect over the next few months. It may take a little effort but you might stop dreading that energy bill in the mail so much.

Feel free to reach out if you need help with energy management! If we all work together we can make the world a more environmentally-friendly place.

Recessed LED Lighting

4 Advantages of Recessed LED Lighting

LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular, representing 10% of commercial and 4% of industrial lighting sources in 2015. This number is expected to grow each year.

There are several key differences between LED lights and incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. These differences make using LED lighting a great option for your commercial and industrial lighting needs.

We’re here to tell you 4 reasons why using recessed LED lighting could be a game changer for your business.

Why You Should Consider Recessed LED Lighting

1. Lower Your Energy Bills

One of the most notable features of LED lighting is energy efficiency. Traditional incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent bulbs are inefficient and burn most of the energy they consume as heat.

LED bulbs, however, are much more efficient and use up to 50% less electricity than traditional bulbs. They also produce much less heat than other types of bulbs which can lower your cooling costs.

Additional energy savings are available using automatic controls that maximize the efficiency of the LED lighting. These controls can sense the lighting conditions of the room and decrease light output when daylight is abundant and reducing the need for interior illumination.

All of this means LED lighting solutions can save you a lot of money on your electric bills.

2. Lower Maintenance Costs

Another source of cost savings comes from the longer lifespan of LED bulbs. LED light bulbs can last over 50,000 operating hours. This means they last 2-4 times longer than other light bulbs commonly used in commercial and industrial settings.

Having to change LED bulbs less often will save you money both on labor costs involved with replacing bulbs as well as the cost of having to buy new bulbs.

3. Make Your Space Look Bigger

Recessed LED lighting will make any room look larger and more open.

One reason for this is because recessed lights are concealed in the ceiling, they do not interrupt the visual space of the ceiling. Not having a fixture hanging down from the ceiling will create the feeling of a taller ceiling and larger room.

Another way recessed lighting makes a room look bigger is through wall washing. This effect involves reflecting light on the wall to wash the wall in overlapping ambient light creating a feeling of more space.

4. Versatility

One of the key benefits of recessed LED lighting is the flexibility this lighting option provides. While recessed LEDs are great at providing ambient lighting, they can also be used to spotlight specific areas you want to highlight such as wall displays.

Further, some LED lights can change colors which gives you the option to change the mood or highlight specific areas to meet your needs.

Work with A Pro

Recessed LED lighting is an efficient, versatile, and cost-effective solution to your commercial and industrial lighting needs.

To make sure you get the most out of your LED lighting, you’ll want to work with the best.

We’re here to help. With years of experience and expertise in LED lighting solutions, we can find the right solution for you.

See why we’re the best and contact us today so we can get your LED lighting project started now.

commercial lighting design

3 Factors to Consider in Your Commercial Lighting Design

Cleanliness and curb appeal are important to consumers. This makes proper commercial lighting design critical for positive business growth.

Lighting can make or break the first impression of your business. It can also affect our moods, emotions, decision-making processes, productivity, and more.

With so much on the line, it’s clear that your lighting design deserves serious attention. Before you make any decisions -consider these three important factors.

1. IoT Smart Lighting

Many businesses are taking advantage of technological advances and upgrading to smart lighting. Although motion sensors and floodlights have been around for years. However, the industry has recently grown by leaps and bounds.

You can now set preferred lighting times with improved accuracy. You can also track activities using light fixtures with embedded sensors.

A report by Business Insider found that these tactics helped one company reduce costs by 75 percent. It also increased productivity by as much as 20 percent.

2. Code Compliance and Energy Consumption

Businesses are tasked with keeping their energy consumption in check. Building codes are constantly updated, making it more difficult. This is often a key element of any commercial lighting design project.

Many commercial buildings are converting to LED lighting. This helps reduce maintenance costs, improve light quality, and reduce energy usage. Retrofitting your lighting to LED doesn’t just make your property look great, it also makes good business sense.

3. Outdoor Lighting for Safety and Curb Appeal

Outdoor lighting is important for all businesses open during evening and night-time hours. It’s particularly critical for businesses like automotive dealerships and shopping centers.

Your lighting design must offer safety and curb appeal. It must also continue meeting strict environmental guidelines.

When designing your outdoor lighting scheme, you must consider all elements including:

  • High-intensity security and flood lighting to light large areas
  • Strategically-located pole mounted lights as an alternative to high-intensity floodlights
  • Parking garage and covered canopy lighting increase safety and reduce criminal activity
  • Roadway and street lights to increase overall security around the entire property
  • Wall lights for illuminating hallways, staircases, recessed areas, and pathways
  • Landscape lighting to add character and elegance

Proper outdoor lighting is no longer simply a luxury for high-end buildings. It’s now a necessary addition to your overall security plan. It’s also a behind-the-scenes element of your business marketing plan.

Additional Benefits of Quality Commercial Lighting

Upgrading your overall lighting system can make your business look and feel more professional. It provides many important benefits including

  • Enhances the guest experience
  • Improving employee productivity
  • Significantly increasing your property’s resale value

Are you on the fence about whether to spend the time and money to make the upgrade? If so, getting a second opinion from a professional may help you make the right decision.

Need Professional Help with Your Commercial Lighting Design?

At CMBC lighting solutions, we’re your one-stop-shop for comprehensive lighting and design. We provide expert design solutions and deal directly with manufacturers.

This business model cuts out the middlemen. You’ll benefit from lower expenses and the elimination of unnecessary complexity.

We take the time to define your exact requirements and provide you with a solution that meets your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you expertly showcase your commercial property.

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Top 5 Creative Lighting Solutions for Your Events Company

Light is very important to us human beings. Without it, we lose our sense of time and can even start to go insane.

Bright, white lights can wake us up and give us energy. Dim, moody light puts us in a romantic mood. Different colors of light also have an effect on our energy level and state of mind.

That’s why lighting is so fun and important for events. By the lighting alone you can tell the difference between a corporate event and a party. Here are some creative lighting ideas you can use to suitably light your client’s event.

LED Up-Lighting

LED lights are great choices for several reasons. They are inexpensive and environmentally friendly. Plus, they don’t heat up like incandescent bulbs so you can use them in crowded spaces.

They are also extremely versatile. Choose from a wide variety of colors to set the perfect mood.

You may want to accentuate some cool architecture but there is no outlet nearby. You can get wireless lights that allow you to put a light exactly where you want it. Plus, you don’t have to worry about hiding ugly extension cords. Another advantage is the reduced tripping hazard.

Wash Lighting

Wash lighting is a beautiful way to set the mood without blinding people with bright lights. You simply set up and widely diffuse the color light you want to use.

These color washes can dramatically change the feel of a room. Try peppy, happy colors for a dance floor and a more somber, amber color for a seating area.

String Lights

There is so much you can do with string lights. Hang some bright white ones with snowflakes for a festive winter party. Or choose more muted, yellow/amber colored ones for a calm atmosphere.

You can also choose from a wide variety of bulb sizes and shapes to create different atmospheres. Play around with hanging them at different heights to see how it changes the ambiance.

Balls of Light

Here’s a fun creative lighting idea for a wedding or similar event. Get some LED string lights (battery operated would be ideal) and wrap them around wicker balls.

Hang them from the ceiling at varying heights for a magical effect. Coupled with a dim atmosphere the “balls of light” will seem to float above the ground.


This is another fantastic creative lighting idea for a wedding or party. Lanterns come in all shapes and sizes and you can get them to fit with any party theme.

Some lanterns come on a string which makes them super convenient to hang. It’s a great way to dress up a dance floor for an outdoor party!

Try These Creative Lighting Ideas

Do these creative lighting ideas inspire you to try something new at your next event? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. People love new and interesting anything these days.

You can get creative with permanent lighting options too. Check out some of these great industrial lighting trends. Go make something amazing with light!

lighting trends

6 Commercial Lighting Trends We’re Bound To See More of This Year

Small businesses spend around $60 billion dollars every year on energy. A large portion of those costs goes to keeping the lights on.

Given how much money businesses spend on lighting, it’s important to choose fixtures that contribute to the overall aesthetic and create a great environment. Staying up to date with lighting trends can help you design a commercial space that your employees and clients will enjoy.

Ready to get started? Check out these six lighting trends to try out for your workspace lighting.

1. Multifunctionality

One of the trends we expect to see in the coming year is the use of lighting fixtures that do more than illuminate. These lighting solutions will include intelligent features like wireless connectivity, color-tuning, and sensors.

2. Connectivity

Studies show that almost 80% of Americans now own a smartphone. People can use these devices with Bluetooth capability to control a variety of “smart” objects.

In commercial lighting, we expect to see fixtures outfitted with Bluetooth capability that can be controlled from smartphones, tablets, and other devices. This feature will allow building managers to better control their energy usage and be more strategic with their use of lighting.

3. Sensitivity

While users will have better control over their lighting from Bluetooth connected devices, many new lighting fixtures will likely have smart features that don’t even require direct control. Smart light fixtures will have sensors that can adjust based on motion, air humidity, time of day, and other factors. This will make managing lighting easier than ever.

4. Human-Friendly

Many of us spend significant amounts of time indoors under artificial lighting. New trends in lighting will take this into consideration, and develop features that are friendlier to human health. These LED lights will be easier on human eyes and skin to reduce negative side effects.

5. Energy Efficiency

In every industry, efforts are being made to improve energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. Lighting will be no different. We expert commercial buildings to continue making use of energy efficient bulbs to cut down on electricity costs.

This is another area where smart features will come in handy. Being able to control lights from a smart device will enable users to make sure that lights are turned off when no one is in the building. Lights can even be set to turn off automatically at certain times of the day.

6. Emergency Lighting Standards

Lighting is certainly essential for workplace productivity and consumer experience. But it is also important for emergency preparedness and safety standards. New trends in lighting will be better outfitted to meet these needs.

Smart features and sensitivity can be used to make emergency lighting smarter as well. For instance, lights to illuminate emergency exits or supplies can be triggered to automatically illuminate based on changes in the environment or alarms.

Get Started With Lighting Trends Today

With these trends in hand, you will be able to optimize your commercial space for your business’s needs.

If you’re ready to get the lighting you need for your business, contact us today. We’ll work with you to get the best lighting solutions for your needs.

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The Latest Industrial Lighting Design Ideas for 2018

Industrial lighting design is all the rage.

As the world gets more modernized every day, more people are reaching back in time to draw inspiration for interior design. If you’re not ready to fully commit to completely redesigning your living space, lighting is a great place to start.

What’s So Great About Industrial Lighting Design?

Industrial lighting design is a great way to introduce the style into your living space without overwhelming everything else. Lighting is generally above eye level, so it’s less in your face. Having industrial lighting design with modern decor gives the illusion of a re-purposed space, modernizing from the ground up.

Switching out your current lights for retro LED lights is also energy efficient. LED lights take up less energy and last longer than incandescent lights. So not only will your space look better, you’ll save money in the long run!

Now that you’re convinced that industrial lighting design is the way to go, here are some ideas to start you on your journey.

Metal Mesh

Metal mesh is a great way to transform existing lighting into an industrial feel. You can wrap it around chandeliers or other hanging light fixtures, creating a caging effect that’s gritty and unique.

This industrial light fixture is a great example of using mesh to create a unique lighting piece for your living space.

Edison Bulbs

We’ve already established that switching to LED bulbs is an energy efficient choice, but which LED bulbs look best in an industrial design? We think Edison bulbs are the way to go.

What better way to give your space an industrial feel than to model your light bulbs after the earliest designs? Edison bulbs alone will give your space an industrial look.

You can pair Edison bulbs with modern light fixtures for an “industrial chic” feel, or go full steampunk and incorporate older brass fixtures into your design. With Edison bulbs, the possibilities are limitless.

Exposed Wiring

Before you say anything, we don’t mean leaving live wires out for anyone to grab or trip on. We’re talking about showing the source of the light rather than having everything neatly tucked behind the walls and ceilings.

This could be as simple as having your light fixtures dangle rather than being attached directly to the ceiling. It gives the lighting a raw feel while still keeping everything safely out of reach.

Another example is using metal casing along the walls rather than hiding the cords behind the drywall. This restaurant design is a breathtaking example of using this method to give its space an industrial chic look.

If you’re looking to add a gritty, industrial feel to your living or work space, lighting is the perfect place to start. It’s unobtrusive, easier than a total remodel, and it’s actually better for your energy consumption.

If you’re unsure of how to go about with this change, never fear. We at CBMC can help. From design all the way to implementation, we’re experts in the field of lighting. Contact us here, and let us light up your life.

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Light Bulb Laws to Know-and Why LED Light Bulbs are the Solution

All it takes is a single electric bill to see why you’d benefit from using less energy. But it’s important far beyond your bank account. As a country, the US has needed so much energy that we’re dependent on other countries. For that reason, energy efficiency is now a matter of law.

For homeowners and business owners alike, it’s important to know whether you’re buying compliant bulbs. You may have heard that LED light bulbs are legally compliant – is it true? Check out our handy guide to get you up to speed.

US Law about Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

To reduce the country’s energy usage, US legislators passed an energy management bill in 2007.

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (or EISA 2007) outlined a series of changes. These changes were phased in between 2012 and 2014. EISA 2007 included regulations for gas mileage, training for energy-efficient jobs, electric transportation, and more. But today, we’re focusing on the section about light bulbs.

EISA 2007 regulates the maximum amount of energy (wattage) a bulb can use. The max wattage is different for varying levels of brightness (lumens). In general, it’s about a 25% increase.

For example, a typical 1600-lumen bulb used to use 100 watts of energy. But the new law requires it to use no more than 72 watts. You can read about EISA 2007 and the specific limits for each brightness level.

It’s worth mentioning that the law doesn’t ban incandescent bulbs, which is a common misunderstanding. There are still incandescent bulbs being produced and sold, they’re just more efficient than they used to be.

How LED Light Bulbs Comply with EISA 2007

When you’re light bulb shopping, you’ll notice there are many types of bulbs that follow EISA 2007. So how do you know which one to choose?

The three primary types of bulbs are incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). They might appear to have a higher cost on the shelf, but as experienced lighting professionals, we recommend LEDs as the way to go. Here’s why:

More Energy-Efficient

All bulbs are more efficient than they used to be, but LEDs go above and beyond. EISA 2007 reduces all bulbs’ energy usage by about 25%, but LED light bulbs are actually 50% more efficient than original incandescents.

The US government established an organization called Energy Star in 1992 to qualify low-energy items and appliances. The next time you’re in the store, you’ll notice that Energy Star has certified the LED light bulbs you see.

Energy-efficient LEDs don’t just help the greater good, but their low energy usage lowers your energy bill, too.


Traditional incandescent bulbs last for about 1,000 hours, or less if you switch them on and off too quickly. LED light bulbs last 30,000-50,000 hours, regardless of how many times they’re turned on and off. They’re also less fragile because they have fewer delicate parts than incandescent bulbs.

Their long life is one more way LED bulbs are cost-effective. That higher cost on the shelf isn’t so high when you compare one LED bulb to 30-50 incandescent ones. And for a business owner who pays employees or maintenance workers to replace light bulbs, there’s another cost to cut.

Leading an Energy-Efficient Life

EISA 2007 has made it easier for consumers to use energy-efficient products. But there are plenty of steps you can take on your own as well. LEDs are a great first step. For help outfitting your home or business with energy-efficient yet beautiful lighting, contact our lighting professionals.

dramatic lighting

How to Accent a Space with Dramatic Lighting Without Overdoing it

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt relaxed, or excited, or maybe a little uncomfortable?

There could be a multitude of reasons you felt this way. Such feelings can be the result of the people in the room or the general situation you’re walking into.

Sometimes, your mood is brought on by the kind of lighting in the room.

Dramatic lighting is what many interior designers use to add a little life to a certain space. When the lighting goes overboard, though, it can cause the wrong effect.

Here’s how to use creative lighting options the right way.

1. Think of the Environment You Want to Create

Designing a space is all about creating an environment.

It doesn’t matter if you run a hospital, an office building, a car dealership, or a private spa. You have a certain audience you want to appeal to. This audience has a standard kind of persona and attitude, which works best in a certain environment.

Whatever the ideal environment is described as should be what you’re trying to achieve.

Dramatic lighting can make this happen.

But remember, it is only a piece of the puzzle. You can’t rely on it to do all the work. Try to stick with colors or brightness levels that work with the environment you’re going for.

Choose a set of emotions and feelings to guide the process.

Ask yourself if the lights make you feel happy or relaxed or focused, and so on.

2. Consider Company Colors and Values

The best way to set up an environment is to go deeper than your industry.

Try to align your lights with your company values.

Chances are, your brand colors do this already. The same hint of blue or red, for example, that you have in your logo could be what you use in your lighting additions.

This ties all your branding efforts together. It is a consistent approach to make the emotions and values you hold be heard loud and clear.

3. Test Your Lights

Even if you think you’ve chosen the perfect dramatic lighting, test it before placing your final order.

Have a team of professionals show you what your choices could look like.

See if you can test two or three options. This helps you weigh the pros and cons. Plus, it could open your mind to opportunities you had yet to think of.

Such attention to detail ensures you end up with the best possible results.

4. Look around the Rest of the Room

Think you’re ready to make a decision?

Take a look around before you do.

Dramatic lighting is often the final touch a room is missing to tie everything together. But, if overdone, it can clash with the rest of the features in the room.

Make sure your lighting works well with the furniture, rugs, and anything else in the immediate area. Look at how your products are displayed, and make note of how you feel when turning the lighting on and off.

In the right lighting, everything will look beautiful and feel just right.

Discover the Perfect Amount of Dramatic Lighting for Your Space

Still worried you’re going to mess up the lighting in your new showroom or corner office?

Stop overthinking the design process and call the professionals to help you out. A team of commercial lighting experts can help you achieve everything you’re going for, without trying too hard.

Contact us today to talk about the lighting possibilities in your space!