Anyone looking for retail lighting solutions should not only study interior design, but also they should consider the following points.

Retail Lighting Solutions: Guiding Lights

Anyone looking for retail lighting solutions should not only study interior design, but also they should take some time to study how lighting works in other ways, including:

Lighting in Film

If you get a chance, watch Orson Welles’ classic noir film The Third Man. The black and white film’s use of light is simply stunning. Although the film’s director credit goes to Carol Reed, many believe that Welles’ had a heavy influence on the film’s look and tone. Scenes are filmed in almost overwhelming darkness, with light being used in the background to create a halo around a silhouetted figure, or you will see an actor cast in white light entering a solid black backdrop. The result: you’re never distracted, you’re always looking exactly where the film wants you to look. Read more

When it comes to selling cars, it’s all about presentation. Here’s a quick look at how LED auto dealership lighting can help convert sales.

4 Ways LED Auto Dealership Lighting will Convert to Sales

When it comes to selling cars, it’s all about presentation, and this is one of the primary reasons auto dealerships are turning to LED lighting. And it’s not just indoor LED lamps that these entities are switching to. They are also finding that outdoor LED lamps are effective at converting to on-the-lot sales.

Here’s a quick look at how LED auto dealership lighting can help convert to sales. Read more

Businesses, whether retail or commercial, can enjoy the four following benefits of commercial LED lighting.

4 Reasons to Take Advantage of Commercial LED Lighting

There have been many revolutionary practices that have taken place within the technology industry over the past few years, with one of the more notable being the switch to LED lighting. This type of superior lighting has transformed the way both retail and commercial companies are able to conduct business, and more importantly, it has provided them with a way to be environmentally-friendly. When compared to their incandescent counterparts, LED lamps have the potential to reduce energy usage by more than 80%. Read more

To get hospitality lighting that attracts the right customers over and over again, it helps to think of it from the traveler’s perspective.

Hospitality Site Lighting from the Traveler’s Viewpoint

There’s nothing worse than pulling into a hotel late at night after a hard day’s drive across the country and seeing that your choice of hotels is limited to those that have no place to park other than in the shadows.

As a traveler, you often don’t have many choices of where to stay. You’re tired, hungry, need to get some sleep and get up early in the morning to continue your journey. You don’t want to spend an hour going from one hotel to another looking for a place that seems safe.

Even making reservations beforehand doesn’t necessarily help. The photos you saw when you looked up the hotel where you made reservations showed a very well-lit parking lot. But, of course, they’re not going to show you pictures of the dark parts of the lot – that would definitely be a reason for you to look further. So, you just get the good news. Read more

Exterior site lighting design that prevents light pollution saves a ton in utility costs and improves the health of earth and its inhabitants.

Light Pollution: A New Element in Site Lighting Design

You may or may not have heard of light pollution. It prevents us from seeing stars in the city, interferes with a number of processes important to health of planet earth and its inhabitants and drains your pocketbook paying utility bills. Other than your wallet, why do you want to get light pollution under control?

Light pollution not only affects our pocketbook, but also it’s very hard on our health, the earth and all living things. Read more

Customers – not just merchandise – have to look good under your store lighting if you want the best chance of making a sale.

Increase Sales with Customer-Flattering Store Lighting

You may have heard of vanity sizing. It’s the practice of changing the size of an article of clothing – a woman’s dress, for example – without changing the actual measurements of the dress itself. The same dress that was size 12 last year is now labeled as a size 6. The shopper is thrilled that she can now fit into a size 6, and is inspired to buy the dress. You’ve made the customer feel good.

The same is true for store lighting. Lighting has to make the merchandise look good, but it also has to do the same for the customer. Read more