Exterior Lighting

3 Reasons Quality Exterior Lighting For Your Business Is Beneficial

You know that you sell and provide excellent products and services. You have an eye for quality, and your customers are always singing your praises to their friends or online in reviews.

You also know that you’re currently fulfilling a need in your local community. You’ve done the market research, and you know that people want what you’re selling.

Despite both of those facts, you have trouble bringing in business. You may have the occasional customer referral, but despite having your location in a place with a lot of foot traffic you can’t seem to bring in anyone new.

Exterior lighting could do more to attract people to your business than a new marketing plan. You may not know this, but subtle decor changes (lighting included) can do a lot to bring in the customers you want.

The Importance of Lighting

Did you know that there’s a whole niche market in decor that focuses solely on lighting? Whether you’re decorating a room, home, or an entire business, lighting can do a lot to affect the general look and feel of a room.

Some people try to let in as much natural light into rooms as possible. Studies have shown that natural light can make workplaces more productive, and could even help improve moods or depression.

Lighting can affect people in a variety of ways. The softness or brightness of a light can make customers feel relaxed and comfortable, or energized and ready to move.

In business interior decorating, some people will rely on different hues in lighting to set the mood for a room. Restaurants lights may have a red-orange hue to heighten people’s appetites, and some clubs may have lights with a slight blue or purple tint to keep people comfortable and ready to socialize. 

Three Reasons You Need Exterior Lighting

Lighting can do a lot to affect people’s moods, but there are a variety of other reasons why your business could benefit from new exterior lighting. You can light your walkway or store front in different ways to encourage people to come inside.

Still not convinced that you need to re-think your current exterior lighting set up? After you read about why outdoor lighting is important, you’ll be rethinking your entire outdoor appearance.

Encourage Walk-Ins

There’s nothing less inviting to a customer on the street than a darkened store front. People can walk by a lit store and mistake it for being closed because they noticed that there’s no exterior lighting.

Exterior lighting shows that your business is open and ready to help them. The way you arrange your lighting could even make it more likely for people to find their way in your store if you utilize wayfinding methods.

Touch lights are inexpensive and can be used to make a path to the front of our business. This unique pattern helps ensure that you’re able to safely find the way to your business, and will naturally draw the eye to your front door.

Increasing the amount of lighting outside will help increase curb appeal. People like well-lit places, and a bright store front has a lot of curb appeal to new customers and potential shoppers.

Improve security

The stereotype of criminals that lurk in dark alleys could be on to something. Having a dark store front won’t make customers feel safe at night, and it could also give potential criminals cover for their crimes.

One of the most important reasons why businesses need proper exterior lighting is safety. People won’t be able to rely on low light to hide their features, and they could make catching and identifying criminals easier (especially if you have security cameras). 

Some store owners are worried about having to light up their store fronts like it’s constantly daytime. But you can have bright lights that help improve safety without out having to give up style and decor. 

Think about having lights that shine beyond the door. Making the sidewalk or walkway in front of your business well lit is important.

Add Personality 

This ties into improving curb appeal, but it’s something that’s unique to exterior lights. If you have the right kind of lighting, you can add an entirely new decor element to your store front.

Do you have a particular color scheme you like to follow for your stores? Have bulbs in special hues outdoors to help color coordinate everything.

Lighting could even double as a form of signage. If you get LED lighting in sign form, you could change the messaging. Tell your customers about upcoming sales, or celebrate events in the local community. 

Tips for Revamping Exterior Lights 

Now that you know about the benefits of having exterior lighting, you’re probably eager to re-think your entire lighting scheme. It’s important to not just start anywhere, you need to think strategically.

Are you ready to see more walk-ins? If you follow these exterior lighting tips, you could see more people in no time. 

Think About Natural Foot Traffic

Have you ever taken notice of the way customers walk towards you? Do they take a straight line from the parking lot from their car to the store, or do they like to check out other places along the way?

Thinking about the way your customers move can help make it easier to determine light placement. Think about the paths your customers are more likely to take and outline that walkway with lights.

Think About Energy Costs

Lighting has only become more efficient as time has gone on. But it’s important to still consider the cost of additional lighting before you start redesigning the outdoor lighting scheme. 

If you’re concerned about lighting, think about using LED bulbs. They’re very efficient and will last longer than other kinds of bulbs, and are also well known for the energy efficiency. 

Wrapping Up

The way you light the outside of your business could do wonders to help it. The simple placement of a few elements can help increase safety, bring in more customers, and add some much-needed personality to your business.

Do you have lighting tips our reads would want to hear? Tell us about it in the comments! And remember, if you have any questions about lighting you can contact us for help.