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Industrial Lighting Fixtures: Stylish Restaurant Ideas

Industrial decor is a hot trend in the restaurant world today.

Restaurants across the nation are championing the industrial conversion look. Think revamped warehouses and repurposed storage units. With rustic brick walls and exposed filaments, industrial interior design captures a raw simplicity of historical urban architecture.

And it’s taking interior design by storm.

If you want your restaurant decor to shine brighter than the others, keep reading.

Industrial lighting fixtures don’t just bring together the desired look of an Industrial Era dining space. They will also give your restaurant an ambiance bound to captivate and engross your patrons.

But where do you start? There are thousands of styles of industrial lighting on the market. Don’t fret. We can guide you through them all.

Put your restaurant in the best light possible. Here are some of the most exciting design ideas around industrial lighting fixtures.

Edison Exposed Filament Bulbs

Vintage industrial is all about showing what’s under the hood. As simple as screwing in a light bulb, Edison lighting bears it all.

Edison lighting is the perfect combination of minimalism, retro glam, and energy-efficiency.

In recent years, they have become a staple in new age eateries and coffee shops. The lighting is simple yet captivating. Different shapes and filaments add a depth of character to a room, creating a subtle yet intriguing ambiance. 

Exposed bulbs are extremely versatile, too. They can be mounted directly on the walls, onto a base, or strung down as pendants from the ceiling high above.

A popular design choice is to have a little of everything! Try playing with different mounting levels, bulb sizes, and filament styles to create texture. 

Custom Vintage Fixtures

Looking for a little more custom flair for your industrial light fixtures than the simple exposed bulb? Consider some DIY shades and stands.

Flea market finds, mason jars, and other unique treasures give your lighting a sense of life and individuality. Moreover, these options are extremely customizable – the sky is the limit! 

Utility is the defining characteristic of industrial design. Everything should serve a purpose. Repurposing old knick-knacks and materials gathering dust in the attic or garage fit into industrial-style decor. 

Plus, it never hurts to give your restaurant a more recognizable and personal flair. You only get one shot to make a good first impression on customers.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

When picturing Industrial Era warehouse lighting, one of the first images that come to mind is rows and rows of pendant lighting.

Pendant lighting compliments the feeling of utility created by an industrial environment. In high-ceiling buildings, long pendant lighting helps fill in the empty space.

A string of pendant lights across an exposed kitchen is a stylish way to bring customers closer to the action in your restaurant. The choice in lighting will bring patron attention to a hard-working kitchen staff as well as to the variety of dishes being run to other tables. 

Different lamp shades of different shapes and colors for these hanging fixtures will add another level of flair to your restaurant.

Darker colors work well for restaurants aiming for a mellow nighttime vibe. Brighter colors, on the other hand, will be enhanced by natural light from open spaces and give a more inviting feel to a kitchen space.

Different shaped fixture shades bring body and volume to a restaurant space. Be sure to pick lamp shades that don’t distract from your target goal restaurant ambiance. 

Cage Lights

Cage lights are a trendy happy medium.

They combine the simplicity of the Edison exposed filament bulb with the classic industrial lamp shade. You get all the impact of the classic light bulb with a little metallic flair to boot.

Cage lights are another excellent DIY opportunity for a restaurant that wants to install industrial light fixtures. Steel mesh, cast iron, and bronze are just a few of the materials available to you. Use them to create the perfect vintage cage light for your eatery.

This type of industrial fixture undoubtedly adds a degree of edginess to a restaurant space.

Exposed metal encapsulating an otherwise naked bulb lays the ground for a rugged, steampunk type of aesthetic. The cage will also create interesting shadow patterns. This will add another layer of texture to the space.

Different styles and shapes of cages can be applied to industrial lighting fixtures in many of the same ways as the lighting options mentioned here. Hanging pendant cages, mounted cages, and modest tabletop caged lights are all viable decor options.

Scissor-arm & Pulley Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to industrial decor, incorporating interesting forms of metalwork is an excellent choice.

One such option is the scissor arm lamp.

Not only do they look stylish and sophisticated, but they are also practical. Their adjustable nature is perfect for allowing restaurant guests to have a little control over their table lighting. You can also move them aside for larger events that require a little more wiggle room.

Another utility-driven industrial lighting fixture is the pulley lamp.

These retro lamps are intriguing just to look at. The simple complexity engages the eye, and truly embodies the classic Industrial Era character. Plus, they give your restaurant a feeling of exposure that can be inviting to customers new and old.

These mechanically exposed options certainly exhibit an eclectic industrial panache that could very well become a cornerstone in your restaurant’s ornamentation.

Industrial Lighting Fixtures Fit For Your Restaurant

Your choice of lighting is imperative to making a strong first impression with new customers. In an age of up-cycling and retro revamping, modern industrial lighting fixtures for restaurants are hotter than the kitchens!

Whether you are remodeling your restaurant or starting from scratch, the industrial style is here to stay. The hardest part will be deciding which lighting fixture style you like the most.

Unsure of which design idea is right for your restaurants brand?

Consult with an expert to shed some light on potential options before taking the plunge. Reach out and get personalized help at every step from design to installation.