Upgrading your hotel lighting can be a vital element in cultivating a more powerful customer service experience.

Invest in Hotel Lighting to Improve Customer Experience

Hotels require a significant amount of investment to operate at their peak, requiring both time and money. If you’re in charge at a hotel, you know this firsthand.

From enhancing rooms to offering new services, it seems like there’s endless ways to improve your hotel. One enhancement you can make that will prove its worth immediately is investing in your lighting solutions. Hotel lighting can make a strong first impression and be a vital element in cultivating a powerful customer service experience.

Still not convinced? Here’s exactly why upgrading your lighting is well worth your precious resources.

Benefits of Upgrading Hotel Lighting to Different Areas

Unlike many other types of properties, hotels consist of multiple areas. From the reception desk, to the bar near the restaurant, to the suites themselves, each section can benefit from having the right lighting solutions applied when being upgraded. Enhancing the hotel lighting in each of the following areas will greatly improve your hotel:

Reception and Lobby

This is where your hotel makes its first impression. Having a well-lit lobby makes guests feel more welcome when they enter. If you have foot traffic, expert lighting solutions may even draw people into your hotel. Investing in the right flexible lighting systems allow you to creatively customize your entrance.

Hotel Rooms

You want your hotel to stand out in your guests’ minds. Having unique and powerful lighting within their rooms will do exactly that. Whether they’re staying for business, convenience or pleasure, their experience will certainly be enhanced by upgraded lighting.

Restaurant and Bar

Many hotels have bars and restaurants. Serving your guests outstanding food and drinks greatly increases customer loyalty. However, the design of many hotel restaurants often looks the same. You can help your bar or restaurant stand out by investing in creative lighting that greatly enhances the existing design.

This is just a small sample of the benefits available when you upgrade your hotel lighting. Each area within your hotel will benefit from having upgraded lighting. Perhaps the single strongest benefit is that you’ll create an overall improved customer experience.

Can Upgrading Hotel Lighting Save Money?

A massive benefit to modernizing and upgrading your lighting is that you’ll be saving money on your energy bill every month. Modern energy efficient lamps may cost more initially, but they last much longer than inefficient bulbs and will more than pay for themselves over time.

Most modern lighting solutions for hotels are based off of light-emitting diode (LED) technology. These types of lamps consume less energy to produce the same amount of light in a given area. For example, upgrading a high ceiling light to a LED lamp can save 85% on your monthly energy bill. Upgrading spot lights from halogen to LED lamps can save 86-90%.

Upgrading your hotel lighting will improve the customer experience, save you money and give your hotel a more unique look. Isn’t it time you invested in new lighting solutions?

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