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Intelligent LED Lighting Solutions Could Double Cost Savings

Jun 1st, 2022 •

If you’re considering switching out your current lamps with efficient LEDs, the easiest step you can take is to simply swap out your bulbs for LED ones.

But the smarter solution is to invest in an intelligent LED lighting solution. That way, you can double your cost savings and halve your energy consumption.

Switching from incandescent or fluorescent bulbs to LEDs will save you between 40-50% — but retrofitting an intelligent lighting control system can boost that figure to 90%. Here’s how.

What are the Benefits of Intelligent Lighting Control?

Intelligent lighting systems are integrated systems that refine your organization’s energy usage. In addition to the savings realized by switching to LED lamps, intelligent systems can reduce both energy usage and costs.

For example, intelligent sensors can automatically adjust the amount of light they provide at any given time. Say there are typically 20 workers in a given space, but only 5 are in the office one day. The intelligent sensor would automatically activate lighting for those 5 workers, while conserving energy in areas they aren’t using.

Sensors can also integrate with natural light. On dull days, the light will be increased. On bright days, it’s reduced.

An intelligent system can also monitor power usage and keep it within the desired range by adjusting output.  If too much energy is being used — whether it’s with lighting or any of the other energy-consuming functions and features in the building — an intelligent system can locate the exact problem and notify management and maintenance so something can be done about it.

Dimming can shrink the lifespan of an incandescent or fluorescent bulb. But, when using well-designed intelligent LED systems, dimming has no impact on the bulbs’ longevity. It also doesn’t call for any additional attention from your maintenance crew.

Installing an intelligent system is, obviously, more expensive upfront than just changing light bulbs to LEDs. But because the potential savings are so much higher, you can hit your ROI much quicker. Plus, you’ll enjoy higher savings for all the years to come.

Is it worth the expense of an intelligent system for your building or project? There’s only one way to find out — reach out for a complete cost-benefit analysis showing the trade-offs between initial investment and potential energy cost savings.