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X-Golf at American Family Field

It’s not every day that you get to take a big swing for a long-time partner. CBMC has worked with X-Golf for a few years now, but when X-Golf corporate reached out to bring a big new concept to life at American Family Field, home of the Milwaukee Brewers, we knew we had an opportunity to knock their socks off.

The ask was a big one: to create a complete lighting design layout and photometric study of this custom lighting package. We would be just one player on the larger team for the ballpark project, and flexing our project management skills to navigate those relationships would make or break our shot at success.


Since CBMC had previously supplied nearly 80 of
X-Golf’s other facilities across the country, we were already deeply familiar with bringing their facilities to light. But the new location at American Family Field had a unique offering that was critical to execute with absolute perfection.

In addition to the seven state-of-the-art indoor golf simulators over two floors, three of those bays would offer an expansive view of the playing field. It was an exciting new vision, and integral to executing that vision was working hand in hand with X-Golf’s trusted interior designer.

We’ll be frank: partnerships just don’t work when there isn’t trust. It’s natural for designers to feel like we’re stepping on their toes when we’re put in charge of lighting design. To earn the trust of X-Golf’s designer, we made sure to put her in the driver’s seat at every turn.

Thanks to our vast amount of sources for lighting, we were able to provide the designer with a wide array of options that fit her vision for the space. And when it was ultimately time to make the final decision, we made sure she had a seat at the table.


Working with a national name like X-Golf is always a great opportunity for CBMC to show up in full force. With all eyes on the new facility’s success, we met the demands and last-minute challenges of the project with laser focus. Here’s how we tee’d X-Golf up for a great opening day.

A Total Lighting Package

X-Golf’s bold new concept was a great opportunity for CBMC to flex all of our strengths. In tandem with X-Golf’s interior designer, we laid out the core and decorative lighting fixtures, and specified all controls and emergency lighting to coordinate.

We always keep cost-efficiency in mind, so we used LEDs for every light fixture in X-Golf’s new space. We also implemented state-of-the-art occupancy sensors and dimmer switches to cut down on energy costs. Those controls were much less expensive than a whole-house system, so it was a big cost savings up front that will pay dividends for all the years to come.

Mastering the Supply Chain

A number of the decorative fixtures chosen by our client had extensive lead times that threatened the project timeline. CBMC was able to leverage our mastery of the lighting supply chain to keep X-Golf on track — and on budget — for their grand opening at American Family Field in Brewers Park.

As a first point of order, we leaned on our extensive network of suppliers to identify alternative products that would arrive in time. We were eventually able to find a new source for the balance of fixtures that came in at the similar price points. Where alternatives weren’t available, we went to the negotiating table. Thanks to our decades-long reputation, we were able to secure improved delivery times for the fixtures themselves once we had the purchase orders firmly in hand.


When we look at metrics for success, we never stop at “well, it got done on time.” The new X-Golf facility at American Family Field was fully operational for the scheduled opening day — but we had our eyes on all the future opening days to come.

We’re ecstatic to announce that our partnership on the American Family Field project led to 35 more collaborations with X-Golf in the next year alone. That includes another unique ballpark concept, too. Keep your eyes on Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. to see the CBMC / X-Golf partnership in full force.

With our mastery of the supply chain and decades of experience working with national brands, we’re a proven partner for your next high-profile project. Design, supply, project management — leave the heavy lifting to CBMC and watch your bright ideas come to fruition.

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