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Knowledge Services Corporate HQ

For high-profile organizations, a high-profile corporate headquarters is a must. As the nation’s largest managed service provider for the U.S. government, Knowledge Services was eager to move into their new HQ in Indianapolis — but the building presented its own challenges and opportunities.

As they prepped for their big move, Knowledge Services tapped their general contractor and electrical contractor for special attention to the new building’s lighting. Thankfully, both contractors knew a trusted partner who could bring their client’s vision to light: CBMC Lighting Solutions.


The site of Knowledge Services’ new HQ was actually the former corporate headquarters for a different company. However, the building’s existing lighting was outdated and didn’t align with our client’s forward-thinking vision.

To really make their new space feel like home, Knowledge Services called for a total remodel of the 4-story commercial office building. That meant completely redesigning the building’s lighting from the ground up, which presented a great opportunity to outfit our client’s team with modern controls and features.


Thanks to our long-standing and close relationships with Knowledge Systems’ general and electrical contractors, we were able to execute an uncompromised vision of modern lighting for the new HQ.

The Total Remodel

The goal of any lighting remodeling project is to bring a new concept to life without much collateral damage to existing walls and ceilings. We worked closely with the building owner’s rep and electrical contractor to avoid creating headaches for the rest of the remodeling crew.

We executed a full interior redesign and lighting controls with a wide variety of architectural features, including:
  • Architectural lay-ins
  • Square recessed cans
  • Recessed and suspended linear
  • Cove accent and up-light
  • Architectural pendants

We Play Well With Others

A total building remodel can be tough to wrangle, especially when schedules are tight. CBMC helped relieve some of Knowledge Services’ worries about impending deadlines by exercising our project management skills.

As a first point of order, we leaned on our close relationships across the lighting supply chain to ensure that lead times were possible. We worked closely with various factories to get our client’s shipments delivered on schedule.

And when those shipments arrived, we personally labeled and organized them so the electrical contractor would know where each pallet should go. Every little bit of coordination helps when operating in an active workzone.


Some lighting companies see challenges —CBMC sees opportunities. No matter the circumstances your building has presented you, CBMC can bring your lighting vision to light with no compromises.

Whether we’re your sole expert on-site or part of a larger team, we’re eager to lend our expertise to your next lighting project. Get in touch with CBMC and see the better way to do lighting firsthand.

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