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Cityscape Residential Multifamily Housing Complex

Cityscape Residential has an award-winning history of luxury multifamily rental communities across the Midwest. When they announced the development of a new project in Carmel, IN, CBMC knew our lighting expertise could help them bring it to fruition.

As we built a close working relationship with Cityscape, we helped them streamline their approach to lighting this 263-unit multifamily housing unit and shave down on costs along the way.


With dozens of high-end multifamily units under their belt across Indiana, Kentucky and Missouri, Cityscape knows a thing or two about lighting for luxury housing. They have years of experience wrangling the various contractors that are involved with designing, sourcing and installing lighting for their complexes.

As a first point of order, CBMC simplified the lighting supply chain for Cityscape’s design team. By serving as Cityscape’s single point of contact, we eliminated the need for our client to keep tabs on dozens of contractors to see the new complex through to completion.

As an added bonus, our intimate knowledge of the lighting supply chain helped pinpoint cost-effective alternatives to the tried-and-true solutions Cityscape had leaned on for years. Those savings will pay off for all the developments to come, too.


CBMC has our fingerprints all over Cityscape’s new development. We helped with interior lighting for every building, corridor, apartment unit and maintenance area — everything down to the custom unit sconces and decorative fixtures on the clubhouse.

We also implemented exterior lighting for the complex’s parking lots, bollards and LED tape lighting on roofs. But where CBMC really earned our keep was in helping Cityscape stay flexible and agile when it mattered most.

A Quick Swap

Things don’t always go according to plan. That’s true even in the world of lighting, where plans are meticulously drawn up and approved well before product is ordered. The approved disk lights didn’t quite hit the mark when seen in person, so CBMC jumped into action.

Within one week of learning about the rejected lights, CBMC was able to get different disk lights into our clients hands that fit much better with their vision. That, of course, was at no extra charge on top of the full refund for the original fixtures.

Expediting Success

In luxury housing units, every little detail has to be absolutely perfect. Cityscape had set their heart on custom unit sconces, but by the time we received approval the shipping speeds for the custom order would cause our client to fall behind schedule.

Thankfully, we have friends in high places. CBMC was able to expedite the custom order to meet Cityscape’s tight deadlines. What’s more, we covered the cost of expedition and air shipping to make sure the misstep didn’t compromise our client’s budget.


We always say that anyone can do lighting, but it takes a true partner to see your lighting project through the right way. With our dedication to speed and flexibility, we were able to keep Cityscape Residential’s development on schedule and on budget, even with last-minute changes that threatened to throw things off track.

When it’s time to start your next project, don’t just trust any lighting company. Partner with CBMC and see what a true partner can bring to the table for your business.

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