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The lighting supply chain is complicated—except when you work with us. We cut out the middleman and serve as your single point of contact for any of your lighting needs, questions or concerns. And that saves you money, just like our LED energy efficient solutions.

From lighting design to final logistics, we help you see what’s possible for your business, and its bottom line, more clearly.

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Lighting is essential to the health of your company, employees and customers. From restaurants, to offices, to hotels, to hospitals, to groceries—we make lighting simple and efficient, walking you through every step of the process.
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Lighting Design

Lighting Design

You tell us what you’re looking for in a design, we create the design.
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Interior Lighting

Interior Lighting

We use industry expertise to design interior lighting system to meets your needs.
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Exterior Lighting

Exterior Lighting

We’re not just experts in making sure your exterior spaces are seen.
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Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

We set you up for responsible and efficient energy consumption moving forward.
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Bright Ideas

Your resource for a higher global impact and lower energy usage.

5 Industrial Lighting Design Trends You Should Try Out

Nov 15th, 2019 • dhawebdev
You don’t have to work in a loft in New York City to use industrial lighting design elements. Industrial lighting illuminates any space with character and style. Let’s look at some ways you can use this exciting design trend in your business. What is Industrial Lighting Design? If you been out in the world, you’ve … more »
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The Smart Lighting Solutions We’ll See in the Next 5 Years

Apr 13th, 2018 • dhawebdev
Smart technology is taking over faster than you might think. Experts estimate that there will be more than 34 billion connected devices in 2020. And that’s not just smartphones — we’ll see innovations like smart lighting solutions, too. If you’ve ever been in a LEED certified building, you might have already experienced smart lighting without … more »
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5 Reasons to use Interior LED Lighting For Your Business

Apr 6th, 2018 • dhawebdev
When comparing LED lightbulbs to standard light bulbs, LED bulbs are capable of 50,000 hours of illumination as compared to 2000. Opting for LED lighting as opposed to traditional offers a simple lifestyle change with countless benefits to both the planet and your wallet. While being green was once viewed as a lifestyle preached by … more »
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How to Save Energy in Your Commercial Building

Mar 30th, 2018 • dhawebdev
Does your heart skip a beat when you see your energy bill in the mail? Is it really that time again already? As you write out yet another big check you wonder if you could lower these costs. A big part of your overhead goes into this check right here. What if we told you … more »
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