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5 Lighting Trends Worth Trying in 2021

Feb 15th, 2021 • WP Admin

Design trends can change as quickly as you can flip a light switch. One year rustic, farmhouse chic is everywhere, the next it’s fading as fast as the November sun. It isn’t always easy to know which trends are sustainable and which are fleeting, however, there is something to be said for innovative ideas that bring function, style, and efficiency together—like these five lighting trends we’ll see everywhere in 2021.

Smart Solutions

Hi-tech lighting is nothing new, but its uses and functions are becoming more streamlined and able to achieve greater lighting goals. When it comes to residential and commercial spaces, hi-tech lighting that mimics that of natural light will be big in 2021. 

Smart lighting systems can be programmed to imitate the variations of light throughout the day, from the warm glow of a morning sunrise to the crisp bright shine of a sunny afternoon to a slow dim of a setting sun. This control can create a stronger connection to nature and the light found within—and it can help build peaceful, flowing, completely customizable spaces. 

Mix Things Up 

We’re used to seeing singular concepts in lighting: sharp, modern lines, one to two colors, chrome on top of chrome, and similar textures throughout the space. In 2021, the need for every fixture, every part of the design, to be the same will be left in 2020. 

This year, mixing materials, and styles will create unique and exciting lighting experiences. Blended metals, bronze and black, slick glass and matte pieces will all come together to create looks that feel specific to space and one-of-a-kind. Beyond just material and texture, lighting solutions will mix styles as well. Modern meets gothic, opulent melds with simplistic, and bold structures will be balanced with light, airy accents. 

Pop of Color 

It’s a phrase the design industry may dread hearing, but it’s one that will reign true in 2021. Where whites, blacks, bronzes, silvers, and more classically contemporary shades have dominated lighting, we’ll start to see color come through in big ways. 

Painted fixtures in bright blues, canary yellows, or deep, rich greens will be the icing on the electrical cake, transforming spaces in simple ways. The incorporation of color allows distinct emotions to be drawn out and curated for your space. 


As much as lighting solutions revolve around style they also are centered around function. Energy-saving LEDs will continue to be big in 2021, and only get bigger. Not only do LEDs provide a  sleek modern shine, but they can save our CO2 footprint and allow spaces to have stronger lighting performance without the harmful effects on the environment. 

Lighting Focal Points 

Where lighting used to be seen as the completion of a room or the support of design, it’s now going to shift to the focal point. Whether you use artfully crafted fixtures that resemble sculptures, large, bold pieces (no matter the size of your space), or intricate, delicate designs that come together to create a scheme worthy of immediate attention, keep lighting at the forefront of your design. 

If you’re looking for lighting solutions, let us know. We’re happy to work with you to create a lighting design and installation that is uniquely yours.