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3 Essential Interior Lighting Tips for Retailers

Apr 28th, 2021 • WP Admin

As a retailer, your storefront is the heart of your operation. It’s where customers fall in love with your products, engage with your space, and become loyal advocates after pleasant experiences. Without an enjoyable atmosphere, it can be difficult to achieve the customer base you want—ambiance is everything. 

Beyond decor, design, and positive, helpful staff, your lighting solutions make a major difference. Before settling for any lamps and/or light fixtures, style, and design flow for your store, follow these three tips to optimize your interior. 

Bright but balanced 

One thing to keep in mind is the brightness of your lighting solution. If customers can’t see clearly in your store, there’s a good chance they will leave and take their business elsewhere. No one wants to strain to determine what color a sweater is or whether or not two paintings match. It’s crucial to light up your space with bright, even-toned lamps as to not distort colors or constrict vision. 

However, balance is key. If your hues become too warm, it can throw off natural colors. Too cool, and there is a blue undertone cast over all products. Beyond tone, brightness is a factor you must balance. Customers need to see, but they also shouldn’t feel blinded or oppressed by the level of your lighting. Mimicking the flow of natural light is one of the best suggestions to ensure your customers are greeted with a positive experience. 

Stay away from fluorescent 

If your space came with fluorescents or it has been suggested to you to give them a try, run far, far away. Not only is fluorescent lighting unnatural and sharp, but it can also negatively impact you and your customers on different levels. 

Fluorescent lights contain a small amount of mercury, and doesn’t pose a threat while the lamps are intact. However, if you should accidentally break them, the contaminants can cause mercury poisoning. It’s rare but possible. Additionally, fluorescent lighting has been linked to headaches, eye strain, dizziness, nausea, impaired vision (blurred vision), and can induce migraines. These common reactions to prolonged exposure to fluorescent light are the last things you want for your customers, staff, and yourself. Opting for LEDs or even traditional lamps give you pain-free light that comes in an array of more natural, enjoyable hues and tones. 

Humanize your store

One incredible thing the lighting industry has achieved is creating lighting solutions that follow the circadian rhythm of the human body. This flow allows your lighting to ebb and flow from morning, into afternoon, and night, shifting hues and getting brighter and dimmer depending on the time of day. These smart lamps progress in brightness throughout the day, which gives customers a natural, calming feeling. 

The best part is, you can implement a circadian lighting solution that is programmed to change brightness and color progression automatically at certain times of the day, so you can focus on your business while your customers feel relaxed. 

Lighting solutions are just one of many components retailers must think about when opening or renovating their space. With the right light, you not only give visitors a memorable experience, but you make work better for your employees. It’s a win for everyone.