Recessed LED Lighting

4 Advantages of Recessed LED Lighting

LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular, representing 10% of commercial and 4% of industrial lighting sources in 2015. This number is expected to grow each year.

There are several key differences between LED lights and incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. These differences make using LED lighting a great option for your commercial and industrial lighting needs.

We’re here to tell you 4 reasons why using recessed LED lighting could be a game changer for your business.

Why You Should Consider Recessed LED Lighting

1. Lower Your Energy Bills

One of the most notable features of LED lighting is energy efficiency. Traditional incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent bulbs are inefficient and burn most of the energy they consume as heat.

LED bulbs, however, are much more efficient and use up to 50% less electricity than traditional bulbs. They also produce much less heat than other types of bulbs which can lower your cooling costs.

Additional energy savings are available using automatic controls that maximize the efficiency of the LED lighting. These controls can sense the lighting conditions of the room and decrease light output when daylight is abundant and reducing the need for interior illumination.

All of this means LED lighting solutions can save you a lot of money on your electric bills.

2. Lower Maintenance Costs

Another source of cost savings comes from the longer lifespan of LED bulbs. LED light bulbs can last over 50,000 operating hours. This means they last 2-4 times longer than other light bulbs commonly used in commercial and industrial settings.

Having to change LED bulbs less often will save you money both on labor costs involved with replacing bulbs as well as the cost of having to buy new bulbs.

3. Make Your Space Look Bigger

Recessed LED lighting will make any room look larger and more open.

One reason for this is because recessed lights are concealed in the ceiling, they do not interrupt the visual space of the ceiling. Not having a fixture hanging down from the ceiling will create the feeling of a taller ceiling and larger room.

Another way recessed lighting makes a room look bigger is through wall washing. This effect involves reflecting light on the wall to wash the wall in overlapping ambient light creating a feeling of more space.

4. Versatility

One of the key benefits of recessed LED lighting is the flexibility this lighting option provides. While recessed LEDs are great at providing ambient lighting, they can also be used to spotlight specific areas you want to highlight such as wall displays.

Further, some LED lights can change colors which gives you the option to change the mood or highlight specific areas to meet your needs.

Work with A Pro

Recessed LED lighting is an efficient, versatile, and cost-effective solution to your commercial and industrial lighting needs.

To make sure you get the most out of your LED lighting, you’ll want to work with the best.

We’re here to help. With years of experience and expertise in LED lighting solutions, we can find the right solution for you.

See why we’re the best and contact us today so we can get your LED lighting project started now.

industrial lighting design

5 Industrial Lighting Design Trends You Should Try Out

You don’t have to work in a loft in New York City to use industrial lighting design elements.

Industrial lighting illuminates any space with character and style.

Let’s look at some ways you can use this exciting design trend in your business.

What is Industrial Lighting Design?

If you been out in the world, you’ve seen industrial design lighting in a variety of places.

Industrial style is popular because of its edgy beauty, and use of recycled and raw materials. Steel, metal, wood and reclaimed objects are made into chandeliers, lamps, sconces and pendant lights.

Form, Function, and Style

In pure form, an industrial look showcases form and function in a stylish warehouse look.

The real beauty of industrial lighting design is its flexibility. You can merge it into any decor to achieve functional style.

Below are some trends you can try.

1. Give Modern Decor A Pop of Color

Industrial lighting is a natural choice for a modern decor. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be surprising.

Industrial lamps aren’t limited to antique finishes. Look for polished nickel, matte black, and colors on many fixtures.

Why not choose a bright color, or unique finish to create an unexpected accent?

Imagine a row of orange or bright green industrial wall scones lighting your office hallway or reception area.

It would infuse your workspace with color and personality.

2. Accent for Traditional

Want to update a traditional office space?

Any professional office benefits from a burst of industrial lighting.

Suspend a large brass barrel-shaped pendant over a conference table. Group caged Edison bulb lights above a conversation area.

Mix and match your traditional furniture with industrial lighting to convey an established business with a modern sensibility.

3. Farmhouse Chic

Farmhouse style is part country, part industrial, and wholly popular.

This blend of rustic and modern is chic. It’s great for any business from real estate to restaurants and everything in between.

Industrial lighting design is perfect for this style where old and new pieces are combined in a variety of materials.

Highlight architectural features: hang unique industrial lamps from an exposed beam, or suspend three black metal barn lights over a reclaimed wood table.

Use a metal vintage style gooseneck wall lamp to illuminate your entry door.

Accent your simple, sophisticated space with plants and vases filled with flowers.

4. Steampunk Inspiration

Steampunk is a combination of technology-infused science fiction/fantasy and 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.

Have you seen reclaimed pipe fashioned into the legs of a table? How about a twisting, turning chandelier with incandescent light bulbs?

Then you’ve seen steampunk. It works well with exposed brick, polished and unpolished metals, and unfinished wood.

Steampunk lighting conveys a creative and unique sensibility to potential clients.

It’s the perfect choice for a digital marketing agency or architectural studio.

This fantastical trend adds drama and function to any space.

5. Outdoor Safety and Ambiance

Beyond the entry to your office, consider lighting for other outdoor spaces.

Add industrial style with a series of low sidewalk lights leading to your building.

Use larger pole lamps, or strings of Edison bulbs to light a garden, patio or exterior space.

Exterior lighting is a safety feature, but it adds ambiance to your building and grounds. Tell visitors that you pay attention to detail with style.

Ready to Try Industrial Lighting?

Need help illuminating your space? Contact CBMC Lighting Solutions for a consult or quote on your project.

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