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4 Reasons to Take Advantage of Commercial LED Lighting

Mar 1st, 2022 •
There have been many revolutionary practices that have taken place within the technology industry over the past few years, with one of the more notable being the switch to LED lighting. This type of superior lighting has transformed the way both retail and commercial companies are able to conduct business, and more importantly, it has … more »
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4 Ways LED Auto Dealership Lighting will Convert to Sales

Jul 15th, 2021 • dhawebdev
When it comes to selling cars, it’s all about presentation, and this is one of the primary reasons auto dealerships are turning to LED lighting. And it’s not just indoor LED lamps that these entities are switching to. They are also finding that outdoor LED lamps are effective at converting to on-the-lot sales. Here’s a … more »
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4 Advantages of Recessed LED Lighting

Mar 23rd, 2018 • dhawebdev
LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular, representing 10% of commercial and 4% of industrial lighting sources in 2015. This number is expected to grow each year. There are several key differences between LED lights and incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. These differences make using LED lighting a great option for your commercial and industrial lighting needs. … more »
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