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Lower Your Electric Bill with Energy Management Systems

Nov 16th, 2021 • dhawebdev
If you’re like most building owners, your electricity bill is far higher than you would like. A good percentage of that bill is probably pure waste, and about 40% of it is probably for lighting. There is, however, something you can do about it: energy management systems, which can keep more of your money in … more »
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Increase Sales with Customer-Flattering Store Lighting

Sep 15th, 2021 • dhawebdev
You may have heard of vanity sizing. It’s the practice of changing the size of an article of clothing – a woman’s dress, for example – without changing the actual measurements of the dress itself. The same dress that was size 12 last year is now labeled as a size 6. The shopper is thrilled … more »
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Retail Lighting Solutions: Guiding Lights

Aug 14th, 2021 • dhawebdev
Anyone looking for retail lighting solutions should not only study interior design, but also they should take some time to study how lighting works in other ways, including: Lighting in Film If you get a chance, watch Orson Welles’ classic noir film The Third Man. The black and white film’s use of light is simply stunning. Although … more »
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4 Ways LED Auto Dealership Lighting will Convert to Sales

Jul 15th, 2021 • dhawebdev
When it comes to selling cars, it’s all about presentation, and this is one of the primary reasons auto dealerships are turning to LED lighting. And it’s not just indoor LED lamps that these entities are switching to. They are also finding that outdoor LED lamps are effective at converting to on-the-lot sales. Here’s a … more »
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Restaurant Lighting Trends To Keep In Mind

May 19th, 2021 • WP Admin
Lighting in a restaurant can set or ruin a mood for events taking place there. Restaurants are where families come together, first dates happen or birthday parties commence. If the lighting is wrong, a customer may never come back. In fact, by lighting alone, customers can tell the difference between a fast-food establishment and a … more »
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3 Essential Interior Lighting Tips for Retailers

Apr 28th, 2021 • WP Admin
As a retailer, your storefront is the heart of your operation. It’s where customers fall in love with your products, engage with your space, and become loyal advocates after pleasant experiences. Without an enjoyable atmosphere, it can be difficult to achieve the customer base you want—ambiance is everything.  Beyond decor, design, and positive, helpful staff, … more »
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